Happy New Year!!

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Happy New Year EVERYONE !! 2013 is here and it will be a wonderful year for me !!! But there's something i want to tell you guys ! I am officially ending this blog ! so sorry T^T I have no time for it !! There's a very important exam coming next year and I will need to move forward for my future study =) So yeah !!! Thanks for all of your support ! WILL MISS YOU GUYS A LOT !!! bye everyone =) thanks for bringing me awesome memories !!

Winx Club Season 5!!

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 Episode 10- A Magix Christmas
Episode 11- Trix Tricks

Episode 12- Test of Courage
Episode 13-Sirenix
Here's all the episode guys !!! Hope you guys like it !

Winx Club season 5 episode 10 ?

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I heard that episode that 'A Magix Christmas' had not be shown until Christmas for Nickolodeon Christmas special @_@ ... NOOOOOOO!!! So we have to wait xD haha but episode 11 are already out haha xD

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Winx Club season 5!

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So, even thought that the winx season 5 haven't ended yet . I will post until episodes 9 here (following English version) . I don't own anything =)

Episode 1 - The Lilo
Episode 2 - The Spill

Episode 3 - The Rise of Tritannus
Episode 4-Return to Alfea

Episode 5-The Sirenix Book

Episode 6- The Power of Harmonix

Episode 7- The Shimmering Shell

Episode 8-Secret of Ruby Reef

Episode 9- The Gem of Empathy

Sorry that the uploader is different xD I can't find one that upload all episodes in HD O_O'' lol ~ so Enjoy ! and give some comment xD

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YO !

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So hi everyone =) it's like centuries since I post something xD So recently I am having a holiday ! Means I will have time to update something here !! ^_^  So as everyone knows Winx Season 5 has started ! So what do you guys thinks about it ?? O_o For my opinion .. I like it Tecna's is prettier now xDD haha ! But that's just Harmonix. In Sirenix, they turned into 3D , and their hair color change when they transform @_@ ~~ I don't like how their hair color turns out like... Feel free to share your opinion about Season 5 in the comment box xD and let's discuss about it x33 thanks for reading !!

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Gomen-ne ...
I really don't have time to update this site ...
sorry ! I will come back if I have time ^_^

Shugo Chara Audition :D

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Omg!! OMG !! this audition is almost closed xD I still need Mashiro Rima(which there's a lot of ppl auditioning now), Hotori Tadase(so hard to find one D':) and Kiseki ==''.... OMG !! I am so excited xD wondering how amazing it will be end up :DDD *0*